Mission & Growth

We have a Mission Action Plan that we update every year. This year’s Mission Action Plan is found here.


We have five Home Groups that meet mostly on alternate Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity for those to meet in smaller groups in people’s homes for Bible study, prayer and friendship, an ideal way indeed to get to know people better and form bonds of faith as we serve God as a Church family. There is here a chance  to explore our faith and discuss what we believe. At the moment we are studying the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ and learn so much from the way the early Christians lived and shared the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ.


We try support as much as we are able to mission both at home and abroad, with special links to Missionaries in Albania, Romania, Malawi, Colombia (via Caring & Sharing). We try to support local charities like ‘People Matter’.


(‘Pastoral Action in Residential and Care Homes for the Elderly’). We offer our premises for the annual Parche Strawberry Tea and would like to revive the ‘Parche’ groups in our Parish.


We aim to promote and develop prayer as the priority and key to renewal and spiritual growth. The Parish has a prayer chain for quickly passing urgent prayer intentions throughout the members.

We have a team of trained and authorised members who help with the Healing Ministry after the main Sunday and Thursday services.


Our trained Bereavement Group follows up the needs of bereaved families, including an annual Bereavement service to which they are all invited.


St Michael and All Angels has links with Motcombe Community Infant School, the local infants' school. The entire school with parents and teachers come to our church for their annual Christmas carol services. The children have contributed art work for exhibitions during our Michaelmas Festival weekend in the past. Cavendish School, the local secondary school, holds their annual GCSE Music concert at our church.


We have an ongoing outreach with literature and knocking on doors, in order to contact people whom we may be able to help.  This tends to be concentrated in the summer months, We also ‘prayer walk’ the boundaries of our parish on a weekly basis. Each member of the Church has a prayer card with specific roads and the households there are prayed for daily.