St Michael and All Angels, Eastbourne

Seeking God's Kingdom, Serving God's People

Life Events

St Michael and All Angels is a Church that holds a passionate desire to be a spiritual heart of the community. It is our fundamental belief that our Church is here to serve people. Our motto is “Seeking God, Serving People”. We do all we can to celebrate the most important events in your life especially as a family.

 We would love to chat with you about any of the following events. You can call us on 07922 487589 or email us here.

 Baptisms & Dedications (Christening)

 Baptism is a sacrament in the Christian tradition that is traced back to Jesus himself being baptised in the river Jordan.

Whether it is for your child or you are an adult, we’ll pull out all stops for you to celebrate this spiritually significant event in your life. Usually we celebrate Baptism at our Sunday services but we are ready to accommodate ourselves to suit your time and plans.


 Confirmation marks the point when you as a Christian want to make a firm commitment to follow Jesus as your Saviour and Lord in all the areas of your life. The Church was founded at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit filled the hearts of the early followers of Jesus and they were transformed into committed followers of Jesus. You may be christened or baptised but Confirmation is taking a mature and convinced stand for Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

Through prayer and the laying on of hands the bishop together with the Church asks God to give those being confirmed power, peace and grace through the Holy Spirit so that you are strengthened and guided in your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


 Making your commitment to each other before God and his Church adds  a deeply spiritual dimension to your marriage.